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Tales of the Nick

Mostly involving butts and Kentucky's inexistence

Nick Bate
1 September 1991
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It's extremely hard to summarize what I'm like, but I'll try to anyway. Words I'd use to describe myself include random, pervy... and that's it, actually. But it's not all fun and games. I have my negative traits, too, including being technically mentally retarded, anti-social, physically handicapped in so many ways, ugly, lacking any skills at all, and I'm sure I suck for many other reasons I can't remember right now.

I have no local friends, so most of my time is spent playing video games or surfing the Internet, where I have a few long-distance friends. Most notably would be a certain person whom for whatever reason decided to start hating me back in August '08. You'll probably see me rant aboot that on here a lot. Oh yeah, did I mention I say "aboot" in an attempt to be Canadian?